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America is a country replete with military heroes…

Military Heroes from World War II; military heroes from the Korean War; military heroes from the Vietnam War; military heroes from the war in Iraq; and military heroes from numerous other conflicts.

Military salutes ALL of our military heroes from ALL of our wars.

God bless them all.

Our current conflicts are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And we strongly support our brave soldiers.

Military is a place where you can find some of these military heroes who died in the line of duty.

Please click on "Military Heroes Memorials" to read the memorials to these angels and to pay your respects to them.

And please return to Military, because memorials are constatnly being added.

God bless all of our military heroes.

And God bless America.

Kevin Caruso
Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief
(Military is a website.)

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